Teknion / Global

Teknion and Global are Canadian manufacturers of contract and commercial furniture. Both companies are owned by the Feldberg family.
Saul Feldberg, a Polish-Canadian immigrant, founded Global Furniture Group in Toronto in 1966, with the vision of manufacturing well-made office furniture at affordable prices. In 2015, son Joel Feldberg took over the reigns as President and CEO of the now 50 year old Global Furniture Group.
Spin-off company, Teknion, was founded in 1983 with a single product for the contract furniture market, T/O/S (Teknion Office Systems) and a singular vision. Feldberg saw that the world was changing rapidly to accommodate astonishing advances in technology and that the form and function of furniture for the technology enabled work environment needed to evolve to keep pace. Saul recognized the opportunity to partner with many of the rising technology stars ofCalifornia’s Silicon Valley to develop workstations with built-in, easily accessible, integrated baseline power and data connections. In 1983, son David Feldberg joined Teknion and in 1994 he stepped into the position of Teknion’s President and CEO.
Both companies are intensely design driven and continuously on the lookout for ways to better support the evolution of the Workplace, Education, and Healthcare environments.
Pear Project Services’ inventory often features Teknion’s Leverage panel system and Altos Architectural Walls, Global’s Evolve panel system, Duet and Accord seating line, Offices To Go desks and task chairs.

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