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Professional Office Furniture Installation: Why It’s Essential

Setting up an inviting and functional office space is more than just selecting the right pieces; it’s about ensuring each item is properly installed. At Pear Project Services, our office furniture installation services are rooted in precision, aesthetics, and functionality.

Advantages of Professional Installation:

  • Precision: With trained professionals, every piece of furniture is set in its optimal position.
  • Time-saving: You don’t have to fumble with complex instructions or multiple parts.
  • Longevity: Proper installation ensures your furniture lasts longer and functions as intended.

    Our Unmatched Office Furniture Assembly Service

    Pear Project Services isn’t just about installation. Our comprehensive assembly service ensures that every furniture piece, from modular desks to large conference tables, is put together with care and expertise.

    Why Choose Pear’s Assembly Service?

    • Expertise: With 40 years in the business, we’ve seen, assembled, and installed almost every type of office furniture.
    • Efficiency: Our team works swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
    • Peace of Mind: No missing screws, no wobbly tables. Just seamless assembly.
    Office Furniture Assembly Service

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    Your reimagined office awaits.

    We Offer a Holistic Office Furniture Services: From Design to Installation

      Whether you only need installation or anything else related to furniture, we can help! As a full-service office provider, we’re with you at every step of your office setup journey.

      Services We Offer:

      • Office Design: Crafting a vision for your workspace.
      • Furniture Selection: Advising on pieces that align with your design and functionality needs.
      • Delivery & Assembly: Bringing the vision to life without any hitches.
      Office Furniture Installers
      Furniture Assembly Service

      It’s Time To Get Started | Stress-free Office Furniture Delivery and Assembly

      Pear Project Services prides itself on the smoothest delivery and assembly experience you’ll ever witness.

      Why Trust Our Delivery & Assembly Process?

          • Timely Deliveries: Your business can’t wait, and neither do we.
          • Skilled Assembly: Our team knows the nuances of every piece they handle, ensuring it’s set up perfectly.
          • Safety: We follow strict safety protocols during the delivery and installation processes.

      Pear Project Services: More Than Just Furniture Installation

      Four decades of industry experience operating our of Denver has positioned Pear Project Services as a trusted ally for businesses. Our blend of dedication, expertise, and superior service ensures that your office setup journey is hassle-free and efficient.

      Contact us today and share your project vision. Dive into a collaboration that promises precision, beauty, and functionality.

        Your reimagined office awaits.


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        • What’s the typical duration for the installation process? Ans: While it depends on the project’s size, our experience ensures a swift yet careful process.

          Do I need to supervise the assembly? Ans: It’s up to you! While not mandatory, someone from your end can guide specific requirements.

          Can you cater to both startups and established businesses? Ans: Definitely! Our expertise spans projects of all sizes.

          Can I customize my office furniture pieces? Ans: Of course! We offer a wide range of customization to match your vision.

          What if there’s damage during installation? Ans: While rare, any damages from our end will be rectified promptly.

          Do you all work on electrical? Ans: Yes, we handle installation from start to finish, which includes electrical.