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Find Top Quality Reception Office Furniture for up to 70% Off

Pear Project Services stocks a variety of used reception area furniture, including top quality guest seating, reception stations, and occasional tables at budget friendly prices. We always have a large selection of guest chairs and club chairs and a smaller number of loveseats and sofas available for medical offices, small-to-medium sized businesses, and co-working spaces. Our constantly changing inventory includes upholstered reception seating in many fabrics and finishes, wood and glass occasional tables, and laminate or wood reception desks .

Best Used Reception Furniture Denver

The Benefits of Used Reception Office Furniture

  • Economical Advantage: Opting for used furniture is not just eco-friendly but also exceptionally economical. With our meticulously curated collection, you’re poised to save up to 70% off standard retail prices, allowing you to allocate funds elsewhere.
  • Sustainability: Reduce waste and make an eco-friendly choice. Purchasing used furniture means fewer items end up in landfills, promoting a greener planet.

The Importance of a Reception Space in The Office

The reception acts as a prelude to the orchestra that is your company. It sets expectations and paves the way for subsequent interactions.

  • Professionalism: A thoughtfully organized reception speaks to your company’s dedication to excellence and order.
  • Company Culture: From quirky to sophisticated, the style of your reception area offers a glimpse into your company’s ethos and values.
  • Trust and Welcoming Nature: Guests should feel both esteemed and at ease. A well-furnished reception area is integral in cultivating that sentiment.
Best Used Reception Furniture Denver

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Need Help with Reception Space Design?

    Beyond mere furniture selling, Pear Project Services believes in crafting spaces that tell stories. Let us aid in weaving your narrative:

    • Branding Synthesis: We help align your reception’s design with your brand colors, logo, and overall company theme.

    • Functionality Meets Aesthetics: We ensure the reception area isn’t just visually appealing, but also functional, keeping in mind factors like foot traffic and user comfort.

    • Tailored Solutions: Every office has its unique requirements. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions suited to individual client needs.

    Used Reception Furniture Denver
    Used Reception Furniture Near Me

    Why You Should Choose Pear Project To Manage Your Reception Needs

    • Swift Deliveries: Time-sensitive project? Our efficient logistics can ensure you have your furniture within a week of reaching out to us.
    • Unparalleled Expertise: Decades of immersion in office solutions have sharpened our acumen, enabling us to discern and cater to subtle client needs.
    • Value Proposition: Experience the rare confluence of affordability and luxury with our curated used furniture range.

    Don’t just furnish; tell a story. Craft your narrative with Pear Project Services. Contact us today for a transformative experience.

    About Pear Project Services

    Located in Denver, we at Pear Project Services pride ourselves on providing a curated selection of top-tier used office chairs that not only feel good but also look good! With over 40 years of experience, we can help you from Design to Installment and everywhere in between. Contact us today!


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      1. Is the quality of used office furniture reliable?
        • Absolutely! Every piece we showcase undergoes a rigorous vetting process for quality, durability, and aesthetics. We only accept items that match our strict criteria.
      2. How can I inspect the furniture before purchase?
        • We invite you to our expansive showroom for a hands-on experience. Additionally, detailed images, videos, and descriptions can be provided upon request.
      3. Do you facilitate delivery and set-up?
        • Indeed, we do! Our end-to-end service incorporates timely delivery and expert installation, ensuring your purchase seamlessly integrates into its new space.
      4. What measures are taken to ensure hygiene standards?
        • Prioritizing health and safety, each furniture piece undergoes thorough cleansing and sterilization processes before it’s introduced to our inventory.
      5. What if the furniture doesn’t meet my expectations post-purchase?
        • We uphold customer satisfaction above all. Should any concerns arise, we urge you to connect with our support team to discuss return, exchange, or other solutions.

      For further assistance, we’re just a call or click away. Your dream office awaits with Pear Project Services.