It takes all of us working together to care about the environmental sustainability of our planet. We share so many precious resources…air, water, and land for the short time each of us is here on the Earth. We realize that the many thousands of pounds of product we manage to divert from landfills at Pear Project Services though our “Save the Furniture” is just a drop in the bucket of what will be needed to make our planet more environmentally sustainable.
An increasing number of client companies have also begun to recognize that everything cannot be “just for profit” and that the more we can share our resources the more balanced our value system can become. That 100 workstation “asset” on the books that originally cost $300,000 is now a liability with a $20,000 move out cost and potential ongoing storage costs. Pear Project Services is here to help facility managers and property managers look at this strategic challenge a little differently and work through the process of getting it to a new home where it will become an actual asset despite being worth nothing “on the books”.

Your reimagined office awaits.