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At Pear Project Services, we are dedicated to solving all your office furniture challenges and reducing your furniture cost by at least 50%

Our team brings a wealth of creativity to the often daunting task of commercial moves. We take pride in our ability to curate and set up both new and used office furniture, ensuring that reusable pieces don’t end up in landfills due to a lack of viable alternatives. From start to finish, we provide comprehensive services to streamline your office furniture needs and help you achieve a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Most used furniture is in stock, and we can often furnish an office within a week – Project dependent ofcourse!

We Carry Pre-owned Product from the Following Brands

*we are a reseller of these brands, not an authorized dealer for these brands

What you should know before
you purchase used furniture.

When you purchase “used”, “pre-owned”, or “pre-loved” office furniture, it’s very important to understand that you are buying product “as is” with no manufacturer warranty. There are likely to be some trade-offs. Good used furniture costs significantly less than new office furniture…great for those who are not extremely particular and want to keep costs down. 

We can source your project with a blend of new and used furniture resulting in an average savings of over 50%

There Are Trade-offs

  • Selection: Most new office furniture is purchased under “contract”, or custom ordered and manufactured “just-in-time”. The selection of finishes and fabrics is vast, but you’ll pay a significant premium for all those customizable choices. Custom items are not necessarily going to be better quality than “stock” inventory items which can be mass-produced. There is economy in scale.
  • Perfection: If a missing trim piece or small stain will drive you crazy you do not want to purchase used products. The “price” of saving 80% or more for used furniture is that it is likely to have some imperfections or missing parts yet be perfectly functional.
  • Availability: New office furniture can be ordered exactly how you want it when you want it. Used furniture is available only when it becomes available, and the likelihood of finding more of exactly the same items to add at a later time is virtually zero.

And There Are Benefits

  • Financial: You will save considerable money by purchasing used furniture.
  • Environmental: Hundreds of thousands of tons of fully reusable office furniture are tossed in landfills each year because it’s the easiest and cheapest short-term solution. Long-term, taking the cheap and easy way out regardless of consequences, represents a waste of material resources that contributes to polluting our planet.

Sustainability & Service

Sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. We take no longer-needed or excess furniture and re-home as much as possible with not-for-profit groups, start-ups, and smaller companies that need good used furniture. Every project presents a unique combination of reusable products for us to donate, resell, recycle, and repurpose.


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