Frequently Asked Questions

If you have excess furniture that you no longer need and want to know if Pear Project Services may be able to take it off your hands, please send us the following information:
  1. Photos of each item.
  2. Quantities of each item. 
  3. Top size of any tables and desks.
  4. General age and condition.  If your items have labels (generally on the underside of a chair seat or the underside of a work-surface), please send a photo of the label.
  5. Date the product will become available to remove.  Date it MUST be removed.
  6. Building conditions:  Elevator, Stair-carry, Docks, Trash dumpster on-site, Other conditions that will affect tear-down and removal?
  7. Description of your expectations/priorities for what happens to the furniture: 
    • Will there be a charge for removal?
    • Will you pay us for the furniture? 
    • Will it be donated to a non-profit ?
    • Can I take a tax deduction for the donation?
    • Will any end up in landfill?  
  8. Any other questions you have.
What’s My Furniture Worth?

We understand that you very likely paid quite a bit for your office furniture. It often comes as quite a surprise that there are few, if any, buyers for most office furniture when you need to get rid of it. In fact, you most likely will need to pay someone to remove it from your office space. Our company, Pear Project Services, is not a Non-Profit. We like to call ourselves a “Not-Just-For-Profit”. We try hard to achieve win-win-win scenarios that are good for our clients, good for our staff, and good for the environment. While we are more motivated by doing good things than raking in profit, we still need to bring in enough revenue to pay for reasonable salaries, 20,000sf of warehouse space, labor to move furniture in and out of buildings, trucks, trailers, containers, and our warehouse…including overtime for restricted access multi-tenant buildings, utilities, insurance costs, truck rental and gas, landfill fees, state and local taxes, and miscellaneous business and office expenses. We evaluate the considerable unique variables of every project and each furniture inventory to make sure that we are going to be able to bring in enough revenue to cover all of our expenses. Please understand that we are not trying to offend you when we tell you that we can’t take your product for free unless you have a fair number of items in high demand that are likely to re-sell quickly. Without the revenue we generate from our move-out labor and the product we resell we could not continue to function as a viable business.

Your reimagined office awaits.